Some of our most frequently asked questions...

Do you have a storefront?
Not at this time; we invite you to shop online with us.

Are all of your products vegan?
Yes, 100% of our products are vegan, and the majority are fair trade and organic as well. Additionally, we will not knowingly sell products containing GMO ingredients or produced by the exploitation of workers or the earth’s resources.

Do you ever substitute items in baskets?
Due to seasonal nature of some items, occasionally we may substitute up to 20% of the items in a gift box or basket, but always with similar items of the same or greater value.

You sell clothes from Nepal and other countries. Are the sizes the same as those sold in the U.S.?
Every manufacturer is different, even in the U.S. a medium from one manufacturer may be a large or small from another. We list garment dimensions so you know exactly what are getting. If you have questions, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information (if there is any).

Do you offer free shipping?
We do offer free shipping on Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes. For the rest of our items, we try to price our products fairly and offer economical shipping so we can keep our prices as low as possible, pay our suppliers a fair price and stay in business so we can support more fair trade companies. Shipping is also free for Gift Certificates.

What is Economy shipping?
Garuda Economy Shipping is our choice of the most economical method, which may include FedEx Ground, USPS, and Parcel Select, and is for shipping to addresses within U.S. only. We ship from Salem, Oregon so orders to the east coast take approximately one week after shipping by ground.

When will my order ship?
Most orders ship within 48 hours. Orders received at the end of the week may take a little longer. We will notify you if your order will delayed more than a few days.

Do you like all the products you sell?
Boy Howdy, do we ever! We hope you’ll like them too.

And now, for the IFAQ. (Infrequently Asked Questions.)

Do you have mystic or psychic powers?
Alas, we do not. We cannot turn back time or guess when a birthday is occurring or when someone is hoping a package will be delivered. If you let us know, we’ll do our best to get it there on time, or suggest a different shipping method if it is not possible by the shipping method chosen.

If the knife runs away with the spoon and plans to meet up with Pinocchio at the Gingerbread house, how long will it take them to get there and how much of the Gingerbread house will Pinocchio have eaten by the time the knife and the spoon arrive?
That depends. We've never known knives or spoons to move very quickly on their own, and we've yet to see one run. And - If Pinocchio is allergic to gluten and the Gingerbread house is not gluten-free, then, likely, none. But that’s okay. He can find lots of gluten-free items, including magically delicious vegan cookies, at Garuda International.

Why can’t I find my glasses?
We have no answer for you, but check to make sure you are not already wearing them.