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Green shopping oasis of fair trade gifts, vegan foods and organic products..

Vegan Valentine Gifts
Vegan, Organic and Fair Trade Valentine Gifts
Organic Vegan Chocolate, Fair Trade Chocolate Assortments
Organic Perfumes, Tiny Spa Gift in Fair Trade Bag, Aromatherapy Potions
Share some vegan love on Valentine's Day. Delight your sweetheart with the best fair trade organic vegan chocolate gifts, handmade fair trade hearts from distant places, delightful all natural spa gifts to relax and refresh body, mind and spirit and packed in handmade fair trade baskets, artisan crafted organic perfumes from a small lavender farm in Oregon and some uniquely special aromatherapy potions to add a little magic to your love life. If a custom gift is what you are looking for, just let us know what you'd like and we'll do the rest. Garuda International makes fair trade vegan valentine shopping easy and affordable.

More  Fair Trade, Organic, Vegan & Gluten-free Gifts & Baskets

Bag O Hearts.jpg (115379 bytes) Fair Trade Bag-O-Hearts
Delectable fair trade chocolate cherry hearts are an organic vegan bit-o-paradise and make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Packed in a charming fair trade woven sinamay bag, this delightful gift of ten dreamy chocolate cherry hearts says worlds and the scrumptious chocolates are out of this world good.


Cocomels Four Salts Collection
Cocomels Four Salts copy.jpg (93989 bytes) Criminally delicious vegan caramels covered in fairly traded chocolate and garnished with gourmet salts create a unique taste adventure. The perfect balance of salty and sweet, each salt enhances the Cocomel it tops. This lovely box holds four Cocomel masterpieces, with Himalayan Sea Salt, Red Gold Hawaii Kai’s Palm Island Sea Salt, Hickory Smoke Salt and Mayan Sea Salt. Surrender to your darkest chocolate dreams and let your taste buds soar.


5sjnutschews3.jpg (52770 bytes) Fair Trade Organic Vegan Nuts & Chews
Dreamy organic vegan delights. If you like nuts and chewy filled chocolates you'll be in heaven when you taste these masterpiece chocolates. Exquisitely delicious A perfect fair trade Valentine gift that's sure to be a hit. Choose from dark chocolate or vegan 'milk' chocolate.



* Customer Favorite *

Fair Trade Organic Vegan Chocolate Hearts & Raspberries
FT Cacao Paper Box Asst.jpg (91549 bytes) This lovely fair trade hand made cacao paper box holds ten magnificent organic vegan fair trade dark chocolates. Five each of raspberry filled dark chocolates and hearts of cherry truffles present an enchanted chocolate experience. Made of recycled cardboard and covered with cacao paper, the keepsake box is charming by itself and a clever small treasure-keeper after you've savored the chocolate.


Fair Trade Hemp Paper Greeting Card Set
Fair Trade Greeting Card Set.jpg (138947 bytes) You’ll have a card for every occasion with these magically charming Victorian style greeting cards. The handmade hemp paper cards are made by a women’s fair trade co-op in Bangladesh. This card set contains an assortment of delightful images of fairies, flowers, fruits, a very dapper Dachshund, old advertising signs and butterflies. Some are birthday greetings, best wishes or thinking of you, and others are suitable for all occasions. Declare your love, cheer a friend, invite your mates to a grand party. You can do it all with this lovely selection of cards. All cards are blank inside, and measure 5½ by 4¼" folded, with slightly larger envelopes. Six assorted cards in each set, images vary.


5sjogveganasst.jpg (44667 bytes) Fair Trade Organic Vegan Chocolate Assortment
Organic vegan gourmet European style chocolate assortment. Vegan toffee, caramels and cremes - almost too good to be true, definitely too good to resist. There is something for everyone in this box of fair trade organic vegan chocolates.


Sj Organic Vegan Truffle Tote copy.jpg (57159 bytes) Organic Vegan Truffle Tote
Melt-in-your-mouth creamy vegan truffles make a superb gift. From the first intoxicating chocolate aroma to the final moment of melting delight, these truffles are an experience to relish. Made with care in the European style from fair trade and organic ingredients, this organic vegan truffle tote is perfect for sharing. Make some new friends or gratify some old ones with vegan truffles. Choose from dark chocolate or vegan non-dairy 'milk' chocolate truffles.


Music from the Chocolate Lands CD
Music from the Chocolate Lands.jpg (198310 bytes) Unforgettable songs from the lands where chocolate originates, inspired by the "food of the gods", cultures around the world contribute to this soul stirring music. Used for medicinal and religious purposes, as well as for pleasure, chocolate has contributed to changes and influenced cultures across the globe. Like an assortment of the finest chocolate, enjoy twelve musical celebrations from the countries where chocolate is grown, or transformed by master chocolatiers. Musicians from Africa, Brazil, Haiti, India, Peru, Cuba, Belize, Hawaii and Mexico are the masters of music from the chocolate lands. Liner notes include a history of chocolate and even some recipes.



Fair Trade Organic Tea for Two
Tea for Two Set.jpg (112312 bytes) Tea is always better shared and you'll have a superb collection of organic Tulsi herb teas and organic black and green teas to choose from with this very special gift. Enjoy your fair trade organic teas in two cheery fair trade handmade cups from Craft Link artisans in Viet Nam. Assisting small craft producers with marketing and preserving ethnic crafts and cultures, Craft Link also works with street children and persons with disabilities, to provide fair wages, safe working conditions and environmental stewardship. Packed inside two keepsake fair trade handmade boxes from Bangladesh are twelve organic Tulsi teas: Red Mango, Sweet Rose, Raspberry Peach and Red Chai, and twelve mixed organic black and green teas from Choice Organic Teas, including Earl Grey with Lavender, Mango Ceylon, Green Tea with Peach, Celtic Breakfast and Jasmine Green. Tied with paper ribbon in a recycled paper kraft box and made sweeter with two five packs of organic Agave Syrup. Red and white tea cups, designs vary.


5ogperfume.jpg (16766 bytes) Organic Perfumes
From Hood River Lavender Farms, Lavender is sweet, intense, warm and floral. Made from a very special Augustifolia Lavender, it has a natural relaxing and calming healing power. Fiona is an sensually exotic and warm bouquet with a sultry lavender and attar of rose pairing. Karma is an exceptional blend of Lavender oils, Patchouli and Frankincense and has a spicy, passionate scent, equally exciting on a man or a woman.

4.6 ml roll-on bottle


* Customer Favorite *

6LmMoonScents.jpg (29867 bytes) Moon Scents Aromatherapy Potions
Aromatherapy to go in a charming cobalt Glass Moon bottle. A bewitching little gift filled with pure essential oils blended to perfection. Love Magnet calls to your soul mate with its aphrodisiacal blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, spearmint and secrets in a jojoba oil base. Lightness of Being elevates your mood with its magical combination of bergamot, lavender and more in a jojoba oil base. A most wonderful treat for someone special or for yourself. Add the aroma of enchantment to your life.



Tiny Spa Gift in Fair Trade Bag
6LMTinySpaBag.jpg (34066 bytes) An elegant little spa collection in a handmade fair trade bag from India that makes a lovely gift. Choose the "Tired Old Ass" collection for that overworked, underappreciated friend or co-worker. "Relax" for a stress relieving experience, or "Refresh" for uplifting rejuvenation.
4.4 oz. Bath Salts, 2 oz. Splash, 2 oz. Lotion
Just the gift for someone who has a sense of humor (or needs one), this bag includes Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts, Tired Old Ass Splash, an invigorating mist that's equally good for waking up or treating 'razor bump'. With pure essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary and vetiver, this is an enlivening aromatherapy spray. Finish the collection with Tired Old Ass Cream, said to be hilariously effective for exhaustion.
Relax with Soothing Floral Foot Lotion for stressed out feet, Relax Stress Relieving Floral Lotion and Relax Flower Bath Salts with petals of rose, chamomile and lavender and pure essential oils of geranium and bergamot for an unwinding experience.
Refresh with Uplifting Rosemary Foot Lotion, a reviving lotion perfect for painful, tired feet and legs that stimulates circulation and helps boost energy, Simply Free Unscented Moisturizing Lotion and Make It So Miracle Bath with organic chlorophyll, pure essential oils of bay and vetiver and even a pinch of love and magic. Inhale deeply and visualize the dreams you wish to manifest.



Fair Trade Organic Vegan Chocolate Treasure
Organic_Vegan_Chocolate_Treasure_Basket.jpg (234787 bytes) Choices, choices... There's something to delight everyone in this magnificent gift of a fair trade Kaisa grass basket from Bangladesh packed with fair trade organic vegan chocolates from around the world. One each 1.6 oz Sjaak's Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate with Creamy Vegan Caramel and Dark Chocolate Espresso bars; two large 3 oz. dark chocolate bars from Equal Exchange, Theo or Endangered Species; Sjaak's 4 oz. Truffle Tote, filled with melt in your mouth dreamy truffles, Liz Lovely double pack 6.3 oz. Chocolate Moose Dragon cookies, 1.5 oz. Wilderness Poets Cashew Cacao Hemp Spread, 9 Piece Fair Trade Organic Vegan Chocolate assortment and eight organic fair trade filled chocolate bites.


Large Organic Vegan Chocolate Gift Box
Lg OG Vegan Choc Gift Box.jpg (166048 bytes) An organic vegan chocolate lover's delight awaits in this gift packed paper box made of recycled content. 1.4 oz Betty Lou's Organic Golden Smacker, 1.6 oz. Sjaak's fair trade organic vegan Caramel, Raspberry and Espresso bars, 3 oz. fair trade Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bar; 3 oz. Equal Exchange Fair Trade Dark Chocolate combine to make a most welcome vegan chocolate gift. Delicious chocolates are even better when you share with someone special.



Fair Trade Bag of Arghand Soap Pebbles
ArghandSoapPebblesBag.jpg (44815 bytes) A smaller version of these wonderful soaps from Afghanistan, each individually wrapped soap is just over 1½ ounces and shaped like smooth river rocks. Five assorted soaps come in a fair trade handmade paper gift bag from Nepal. Made by members of Bhaktapur Craft Printers in the heart of the Himalayas using ancient methods, these bags supply needed income to families while preserving an important traditional craft. Each bag is unique in color and design, and together with the Arghand Soap Pebbles, makes a delightfully memorable gift.



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