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Garuda International
Green shopping oasis of fair trade gifts, vegan foods and organic products.

Unique Fair Trade Gifts
Hand Pounded Copper Bowls and Soapstone Boxes, Fair Trade Jewelry,
Musical Instruments, Incense, Wooden Boxes, Ganesh Mask
Garuda International offers fair trade gifts from artisans around the world. India, Nepal, Thailand, Cameroon, Kenya, Bangladesh and South America are represented here with traditional crafts and products. Your purchase helps to support opportunities in rural communities that might not otherwise exist for many of these artisans. In addition to fair wages, fair trade coops often provide child care, small business loans, health care benefits and assistance with education.

Shop Fair Trade Jewelry

Fair Trade Labyrinth Game
Labrynth Game.jpg (146121 bytes) Enter the labyrinth and lose yourself in meditative concentration. Carved from shesham wood, the labyrinth has three metal balls. Moving them all to the center is the point, but the fun is in the journey. Made by artisans of Tara Projects, a fair trade organization providing support in production and marketing of handcrafts. Tara also funds health programs, training centers, schools and adult literacy programs. Tara Projects environmental work includes rainwater harvesting, helping to address the extreme need for water in many Indian communities and reforestation. Contains small parts - not suitable for small children.
6 in. dia x 1 in. 


Fair Trade Ocarina
Ocarina.jpg (121168 bytes) This brightly colorful Peruvian ocarina flute comes on a 16” black cord, so you can wear it as a necklace for a bold fashion statement. With six holes to vary your sound, you can make beautiful music whenever the mood moves you. The ceramic ocarina is made by members of fair trade organization Manos Amigas “hands of friendship”, that supports artisans through training and marketing assistance, helping to preserve the traditional crafts of Peru. Working with small artisan associations and 70 family workshops in Lima and outlying rural villages, Manos Amigas helps fund school scholarships, food programs for disadvantaged children and financial assistance for members.
3.5 x 2.5”


Fair Trade Ghanaian Mask Bookends
Bookends from Ghana.jpg (48178 bytes) Add a touch of Africa to your home and support for the artisans from Ghana who made these mask bookends. Masks and carving are an intrinsic part of life in Ghana, with hundreds of different masks for peace, wisdom, good luck and protection. In the Asante Kingdom, skilled crafters have long used Adinkra symbols representing ideas, personalities and fables of the Asante culture. Using traditional techniques, artisans apply these symbols to contemporary designs. These bookends are an interesting addition to any library and will keep your favorite books handy. Metal frame with carved wooden masks.
9"T x 5"L x 8"W


Fair Trade Soapstone Star Magnets

Fair Trade Star Magnets.jpg (45171 bytes)

Colorful soapstone stars are hand carved by artisans from the Kisii tribe. Soapstone from the Tabaka Hills of Western Kenya is carved with a small knife and polished with wet sand. The stars are then hand painted with dyes and the result is stellar. Reach for the stars and add a little color to your life (or your refrigerator). Color set of two magnets, one polka dot and one circle design. Clockwise, choose from Turquoise, Pink Ruby, Gold, Slate, Bronze, or Amethyst and start your own fair trade galaxy.
2 x ¼"


Fair Trade Shesham Vine Box

Shesam Vine Box s.jpg (163626 bytes)

Keep your special treasures in this delightful fair trade hinge lidded box. A lovely vine design brass inlay decorates the shesham wood box made by the skilled artisans of Asha Handicrafts in Saharanpur, India. Asha (hope in Sanskrit) works to preserve traditional crafts in India while providing fair wages and contributing to medical care, education for children, loans, training and improving living and working conditions of members.
9 x 2½ x 5"


6ghCopperLotusBowls.jpg (62860 bytes) Fair Trade Copper Lotus Bowls
Fair trade hand pounded copper lotus bowl set from a traditional blacksmith community in western Nepal. Three beautifully made lotus bowls fit inside each other making a lovely display when they are not in use. Take them apart and you have a small bowl - 3½" medium is 4" and large is 7". Elegant copper bowls have so many uses. 


Fair Trade Percussion Cricket
Jackfruit Cricket.jpg (89267 bytes) Longevity and good fortune are symbolic for the cricket and it's your good fortune this happy cricket loves to sing. Just hold the cricket in your hand and use the large end of the mallet to stroke along the ridged sides to hear the lovely cricket song. Hand carved and painted in Viet Nam from sustainably managed Jackfruit, a fast growing hard wood, this fair trade treasure is the work of Mai Handicrafts. Most of their members are women and ethnic minorities working in remote mountain villages. With training and marketing support, many members are able to work at home or in small workshops, earning above average incomes and maintaining stronger communities. Mai's artisans focus on crafts from renewable resources such as recycled paper, bamboo and natural fibers. Recommended by Jiminy.
6.75 x 2 "


Fair Trade Percussion Music Stick
Mahoni Music Stick.jpg (61436 bytes) Create a shower of musical sounds. You'll hear different tones by striking the ridges with either end of the the included baton. Hand crafted in Java and filled with small beads to add to the musical fun, artisans from Apikri fashion the instrument from mahogany. In an area that is densely populated, with high unemployment, Apikri works with artisans providing training and financial support, while fostering environmental improvements including reforestation, waste treatment and resource conservation. A member owned cooperative started in 1987, it has grown to over 40 artisan groups that promotes fairness in trading as an instrument to achieve democracy in economic life.
11 x 3"


Fair Trade Palo Santo in Banana Fiber Box
5ahpalosantobox.jpg (21685 bytes) Woven by hand by women in Kenya, these striking boxes with front latch closure are made of the fiber of the banana plant. Inside is one ounce of Palo Santo, an aromatic wood harvested only from standing dead trees. It is used ceremonially to freshen the air with its delightful aroma and remove negative energy. 


Fair Trade Carved Shesham Wood Box 
5ggshesambox.jpg (25794 bytes) Beautifully carved shesham wood box from a fair trade co-op in India. This hinged box is perfect for keepsakes, money, the family jewels or whatever treasure you can fit inside. 


Palo Santo Incense
5ahpalosanto.jpg (18666 bytes) Scent of vanilla, copal and a hint of citrus. Place a stick in your car or clothing drawer to keep things smelling fresh for twelve months. Light one for five minutes and perfume a whole room. Palo Santo has natural healing powers to cleanse negativity. Harvested from standing dead trees only.

5.2 oz bag


Fair Trade Lidded Dome Box
5domeclips.jpg (24436 bytes) Beautiful hand carved soapstone container from Agra, India with Dome Lid. We've added Spiral Paper Clips to help keep you organized while reminding you of the inter-connectedness of the universe. Clips may be brass or silver colored and add a little excitement to your papers.



Fair Trade Wooden Box with Brass Inlay
5ftsmbrassinlaybox.jpg (31585 bytes) Brass stars and elephants adorn these small hinged boxes from a fair trade co-op in India. At 2½x1½" they are just the right size for holding small earrings, coins or rings or use one for presenting a unique and memorable gift.


Youth is a gift of nature, age is a work of art.
Helen Carrall

Fair Trade Soapstone & Copper Gifts


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