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Garuda International
Green shopping oasis of fair trade gifts, vegan foods and organic products.

Fair Trade Foods
Fair Trade Foods from Around the World 
Discover delicious and exotic fair trade foods. Fair trade food gifts are a welcome choice for any occasion and we offer a wonderful assortment of fair trade foods from around the world: Medjoul Dates and Couscous from PARC, Traditional Za'atar mix from Sindyanna, Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints, Organic Olive Oil, Green Nabali Olives and Sundried Tomato Caper Spread from Canaan Fair Trade in Palestine, Organic Brazil Nut Oil and fairly traded Organic Maple products from the US. Experience the international flavors of fair trade food while helping to support living wages and sustainable agriculture.
Canaan Organic Fair Trade Infused Olive Oil
Fair Trade Olive Oil Trio.jpg (109734 bytes) From olive trees hundreds of years old, grown on ancient stone terraces and sustainably farmed by small co-ops of families using traditional methods, comes some of the most flavorful olive oil on the planet. After long hours of patient effort to hand pick the olives from the trees, they are sorted and those selected are stone crushed and cold pressed, utilizing a centuries old process. Minimal filtering preserves phytonutrients and the oil retains a robust rustic flavor. Palestinian olive groves, which contain some of the oldest olive trees in the world, are the mainstay of the agricultural economy in Palestine, providing much of the annual income for farmers. Fair trade ensures the farmers a dependable income that allows them to maintain their farms and provide for their families, despite the challenge of ongoing conflict. We offer three varieties of magnificent extra virgin organic olive oil: Nabali Tree has a medium fruity flavor with a peppery finish, infused with Pepper, Garlic or Red Chili. All are the perfect companion to bread, for finishing vegetables or any use where their uniquely delicious flavor can be appreciated. Add fair trade Za'atar mix and bread for dipping to enjoy a paradisiacal taste adventure.

250 ml.


Fair Trade Sun-Dried Tomato Caper Spread
Fair Trade Tomato Caper Spread 2.jpg (71994 bytes) Discover the tangy rich flavor of native Palestinian tomatoes, sun-dried by a woman owned coop and artfully combined with organic wild capers and the most exquisite organic olive oil. Excellent as a spread or dip, this fair trade sun-dried tomato caper spread is so good you could find yourself finishing the entire jar. Refrigerate after opening -- if thereís any left.

6.4 oz.


Fair Trade Organic Nabali Green Olives
Fair Trade Organic Olives.jpg (65917 bytes) Enjoy these fair trade organic green olives as a spectacular addition to any meal or as a snack by themselves. Produced by farmer cooperatives in Palestine using centuries old methods, the olives are the product of native trees organically tended for hundreds of years. Cracked and pickled in water, organic olive oil, lemon juice and salt from the Dead Sea, the result is a fruity, flavorful olive and a uniquely tantalizing taste treat. Palestine is home to some of the oldest olive trees on the planet and generations of perfecting their preservation techniques allows you to taste olives as they were meant to be.

200 G


Organic Fair Trade Olive Oil from Palestine
Organically grown extra virgin olive oil with delicate flavor from Arab farmers and a nonprofit organization run by Jewish and Arab women working together. Sindyanna is a non-profit organization administered by Arab and Jewish women which was established in 1996 to help restore and develop the Arab olive industry in the western Galilee. Although the cultivation of olives has been a mainstay in western Galilee for centuries, since 1967 Palestinian farmers have had to deal with a variety of obstacles due to the Israeli occupation. Olive cultivation provides crucial supplemental income for these farmers, but without equal access to modern irrigation equipment and international markets, profits are low. Droughts in 1998 and 1999 have taken their toll. Recently, olive trees have been uprooted to make way for the new Israeli security fence. Olive oil is made using Surri olives which are cold-pressed and certified organic by the Israel Bio-Organic Ag. Assn.

8.5 fl. oz.


Fair Trade Medjoul Dates
Medjoul Dates.jpg (82540 bytes) Called the crown jewel of dates, Medjouls are famous as large, sweet, succulent dates. High in potassium and fiber, dates have been considered an ideal food, rich in minerals and essential nutrients. Another product of the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee, these dates are especially delicious and can be used for baking, added to salads or savory foods, and are most delightful simply enjoyed by themselves.

10 oz.


Fair Trade Za'atar Mix
Zaatar Mix.jpg (124339 bytes) Za'atar is a staple ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, including baked dishes, salads, vegetables, mixed with olive oil and spread on flat breads and even sprinkled on popcorn. This traditional mix includes Za'atar leaves, a rich source of antioxidants and essential oils, sesame, sea salt, sumac and olive oil. Produced by Sindyanna of Galilee, in the only facility in the area that employs women. Sindyanna is a non-profit organization administered by Arab and Jewish women, established in 1996 to help restore and develop the Arab olive industry in the western Galilee.

2.82 oz.


Fair Trade Maple Syrup
6MapleSyrup2.jpg (11557 bytes) From the White Earth Ojibwe reservation in northern Minnesota, this pure maple syrup is harvested by hand and has a clear light flavor that characterizes the best maple syrup. Sales from foods such as this maple syrup generate income for the White Earth Land Recovery Program, provide jobs for tribal members, promote traditional foods, help to preserve Ojibwe language and culture through classes and contribute to their nutritional program for their elderly members.


8 oz.


Fair Trade Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints
Sencha Fair Trade Mints.jpg (54596 bytes) Three leaf shaped mints equal the same level of polyphenols as one cup of green tea, but just one mint equals fresh breath. Green tea has been used for centuries to naturally inhibit the causes of bad breath. Sencha Naturals mints start with green tea extract from organic fair trade tea and add organic and natural extracts and luo han guo, a natural sweetener and longevity herb. The result is a zesty and enlightening mint experience. Caffeine free. Choose from four delightful flavors: Original, Tropical Mango, Bombay Chai and Pink Dragonfruit.



1 oz


Organic Maple Cream
5maplecream.jpg (26319 bytes) Fair trade organic maple cream from Maple Valley Co-op. Contains only organic maple syrup. Magnificent spread on toast, hot biscuits, cake, crackers or right out of the jar! Maple Valley is an organic maple co-op that is farmer and employee owned supplying some of the best maple syrup products available.


7.5 oz.


5maplesugar.jpg (21558 bytes) Organic Granulated Maple Sugar
Fair trade organic maple sugar. Excellent on fruit, cereal, salads or in soups, sauces, tea coffee and desserts. Naturally harvested and produced by woodland farmers whose standards represent stewardship of the environment. Contains only organic maple syrup.

5 oz.


Donít judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Fair Trade Chocolate Assortments & Gifts



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