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Green shopping home of fair trade, organic and vegan gifts.

Vegan & Fair Trade Mother's Day Gifts
Show your mother, or that extraordinary woman in your life, a little extra appreciation on Mothers Day. Vegan, organic and fair trade gifts for Mom are a nice addition to special favors and time spent together. Celebrate her unique qualities and thank Mom for her endless kindnesses on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day was celebrated in ancient cultures around the world honoring motherhood, often portrayed as a goddess. In the US, original attempts at establishing a Mother's Day for Peace were undertaken by Julia Ward Howe. Deeply distressed by the effects of war, she worked with soldiers and their widows and orphans on both sides of the Civil War. She witnessed the devastation it caused and the economic crisis that followed and determined that two of the most important causes in the world were peace and equality. In 1870, at the beginning of the Franco-Prussian war, she called for women everywhere to join together and oppose war in all its forms and pledge to seek peaceful resolutions instead. While she was unsuccessful in achieving formal recognition for a Mother's Day for Peace, her work was carried on by the daughter of Anna Jarvis. Jarvis worked to found a memorial day for women, the first of which was celebrated in West Virginia in 1907. The custom spread to most of the US and in 1914  President Wilson declared the first national Mother's Day. Read Julia Ward Howe's inspiring Mother's Day Proclamation

Bag O Hearts.jpg (115379 bytes) Fair Trade Organic Vegan Bag-O-Hearts
Show Mom a little love with delectable fair trade chocolate cherry hearts. This organic vegan bit-o-paradise makes a wonderful gift. Packed in a charming fair trade woven sinamay bag, this delightful gift of ten dreamy chocolate cherry hearts says worlds and the scrumptious chocolates are out of this world good.


5lavlove.jpg (43098 bytes) Lavender Gift Set
The Mom who loves lavender will enjoy the unique relaxing aromatherapy benefits of Lavender in delightfully fragrant tea, exquisite chocolate, a naturally scented candle and aromatherapy mist. Gift packed in a recycled paper box, Stirs the Soul 1 oz. Organic Dark Chocolate bar infused with Lavender, Choice Organic Fair Trade Earl Grey Tea with Lavender Blossoms, a 25 hour Lavender Aromatherapy Candle Tin and Lavender Aromatherapy Body Mist are perfect for relieving stress and calming the mind.


Rainforest CD
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
6CDRainforest2.jpg (47630 bytes) When it's time to wind down and let go of the stresses of the day, transport yourself to the lush Amazon rainforest with this unique recording. The tranquil sounds of the rainforest are combined with clinically proven Alpha Brainwave Pulses to create the perfect relaxation listening experience.

1 hour


Alpha Relaxation System CD
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
6CDAlphaRelaxSys2.jpg (20334 bytes) Embedded in this musical soundtrack are pulses of sound that activate ALPHA brainwave patterns, leading you to healthful and enjoyable states of relaxation. Experience beautiful and soothing musical compositions and 3D sounds of nature. You can listen to this program sitting or lying down with your eyes closed to enjoy states of deep relaxation and meditation. These are the deep Alpha states that EEGs show are attained consistently by experienced meditators.

1 hour


5ogperfume.jpg (16766 bytes) Organic Perfumes
From Hood River Lavender Farms, Lavender is sweet, intense, warm and floral. Made from a very special Augustifolia Lavender, it has a natural relaxing and calming healing power. Karma is an exceptional blend of Lavender oils, Patchouli and Frankincense and has a spicy, passionate scent, equally exciting on a man or a woman. Fiona is an exquisite pairing of organic Lavender and pure Attar of Rose for a sensually exotic floral experience. Hood River Lavender describes them as the perfect harmony of essential oils and genuine natural aromatic expressions of the beautiful flowers of the their creation. We have to agree.

4.6 ml roll-on bottle


Tiny Spa Gift in Fair Trade Bag
6LMTinySpaBag.jpg (34066 bytes) An elegant little spa collection in a handmade fair trade bag from India that makes a lovely gift. Choose the "Tired Old Ass" collection for that overworked, underappreciated friend or co-worker. "Relax" for a stress relieving experience, or "Refresh" for uplifting rejuvenation.
4.4 oz. Bath Salts, 2 oz. Splash, 2 oz. Lotion
Just the gift for someone who has a sense of humor (or needs one), this bag includes Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts, Tired Old Ass Splash, an invigorating mist that's equally good for waking up or treating 'razor bump'. With pure essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary and vetiver, this is an enlivening aromatherapy spray. Finish the collection with Tired Old Ass Cream, said to be hilariously effective for exhaustion.
Relax with Soothing Floral Foot Lotion for stressed out feet, Relax Stress Relieving Floral Lotion and Relax Flower Bath Salts with petals of rose, chamomile and lavender and pure essential oils of geranium and bergamot for an unwinding experience.
Refresh with Uplifting Rosemary Foot Lotion, a reviving lotion perfect for painful, tired feet and legs that stimulates circulation and helps boost energy, Simply Free Unscented Moisturizing Lotion and Make It So Miracle Bath with organic chlorophyll, pure essential oils of bay and vetiver and even a pinch of love and magic. Inhale deeply and visualize the dreams you wish to manifest. 


Mini Spa Bag
5spabagsm.jpg (33550 bytes) Ayate Natural Fiber Bath & Massage Cloth (hand woven agave), Loofah Bath Sponge, 4.2 oz. Arghand Soap, Natural Pumice Stone, 2 oz Conscious Fashion Body Crème, 25 Hour Aromatherapy Candle Tin, together in an Organic Cotton Long Handle String Bag. Bag holds up to 40 pounds and is great for shopping or laundry. 



Fair Trade Organic Tea & Vegan Chocolate Gift Basket

Fair Trade Tea Chocolate Gift Basket.jpg (75084 bytes)

A treat for the eyes as well as the tongue! Woven by women of rural Uganda, this fair trade basket has coils of raffia in unique designs. Inside you'll find fair trade teas: Red Mango, a luscious blend of Tulsi, rooibos and tropical mango, Raspberry Peach pairs Tulsi, berries, peach and hibiscus flowers in an aromatic fusion that will transport you to a tropical paradise of flavor. Abundant in antioxidants, the unique healing properties of Tulsi will melt your stress away, and Choice Organic or Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Sampler, with four wonderful varieties. To enjoy with your tea is some of the best fair trade organic vegan chocolate available: four piece box of Stirs the Soul organic raw chocolate assortment, Endangered Species 1.4 oz. organic dark chocolate bar; two 1.2 oz Green & Black's Dark Chocolate Maya Gold, Sjaak’s 1.6 oz. Caramel, Raspberry and Espresso bars and two Chocolate Cherry Truffle Hearts. Basket is approximately 11x3", colors and designs vary.



Recycled Journal with Peach Pit Closure
Peach Pit Journal.jpg (59931 bytes) For the writer in Mom, a tribute to the dedication and craft of the artisans who make them, this handmade paper journal is a wonderful example of recycling at its best. Beautiful and functional fair trade, the thick paper cover and peach pit tie enclosure hold 40 pages made of Daphne bark from managed forests in the hills of Nepal. Left to right: Cobalt Blue, Purple Indigo, Russet Orange, Ecru and Hunter Green.



6LmMoonScents.jpg (29867 bytes) Moon Scents Aromatherapy Potions
Aromatherapy to go in a charming cobalt Glass Moon bottle. A bewitching little gift filled with pure essential oils blended to perfection. Love Magnet calls to your soul mate with its aphrodisiacal blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, spearmint and secrets in a jojoba oil base. Lightness of Being elevates your mood with its magical combination of bergamot, lavender and more in a jojoba oil base. A most wonderful treat for someone special or for yourself. Add the aroma of enchantment to your life.


Fair Trade Bag of Arghand Soap Pebbles
ArghandSoapPebblesBag.jpg (44815 bytes) A smaller version of these wonderful soaps from Afghanistan, each individually wrapped soap is just over 1½ ounces and shaped like smooth river rocks. Five assorted soaps come in a fair trade handmade paper gift bag from Nepal. Made by members of Bhaktapur Craft Printers in the heart of the Himalayas using ancient methods, these bags supply needed income to families while preserving an important traditional craft. Each bag is unique in color and design, and together with the Arghand Soap Pebbles, makes a delightfully memorable gift.



Deluxe Spa Basket
Deluxe Spa Basket 4.jpg (62407 bytes) Inside this stunning Handmade Fair Trade Raffia Grass Basket from Uganda are four Organic Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts (2.5 oz.), Natural Volcanic Pumice Stone, 4½ oz. Arghand Soap, a fairly made Ayate Natural Fiber Bath & Massage Cloth from hand woven agave, 4 oz. Narayana Ayurvedic Massage Oil, 2 oz Conscious Fashion Lavender Body Butter, Luffa Scrub, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner, 4 oz. Aromatherapy Mouthwash, 10 ml Bach's Flower Essence Rescue Remedy and 25 Hour Aromatherapy Candle Tin. Delight someone special with this natural body care collection. Basket designs vary. 


12 X 3"


Organic Herbal Tea & Coffee Basket
5bskogherbalteacoffee.jpg (32514 bytes) Use the lovely fair trade tray from Viet Nam to serve this delightful selection of organic fair trade herbal teas and Teeccino herbal coffee in style. This sturdy round woven rattan tray measures 14 x 3" and is perfect for presenting these delicious herbal beverages in the fair trade ceramic dragonfly tea cups. Also included are Choice Organic Northwest Blackberry Tea, Teeccino Maya Mocha organic herbal coffee, Zhena's Red Lavender (Rooibos and French Lavender Blossoms) and Fireside Chai (Rooibos and exquisite spices) Gypsy Teas, St. Claire's Organic Mints and Betty Lou's organic vegan Berry Berry and Chocolate Tangerine bars. Caffeine free.



6ghCopperLotusBowls.jpg (62860 bytes) Copper Lotus Bowls
Fair trade hand pounded copper lotus bowl set from a traditional blacksmith community in western Nepal. Three beautifully made lotus bowls fit inside each other making a lovely display when they are not in use. Take them apart and you have a small bowl - 3½" medium is 4" and large is 7". Elegant copper bowls have so many uses. 


Large Vegan Tea Gift Basket
5basklgveganteaN.jpg (26277 bytes) 12x5" Large Bamboo Bowl or Kaisa Grass Fair Trade Basket filled with an assortment of teas and treats. Four oz. each Roasted Yerba Maté and Organic Fair Trade Rooibos loose leaf teas, 2 oz. Organic Chai, box of Organic Fair Trade Tea in bags, two stainless steel tea strainers, two unique hand made ceramic mugs from a fair trade co-op in Viet Nam, four Organic Fruit Bars, two St. Claire's Organic Tarts, six 1 oz. Sun Flour Baking Vegan Cookies, Betty Lou's Organic Vegan Chocolate Tangerine Bar and Organic Golden Smacker, and 12 Organic Agave Syrup straws.



Spa Extravagance
5baskspaextra.jpg (31936 bytes) A keepsake handmade fair trade Basket with lid from Rwanda overflowing with spa gifts to soothe, calm, refresh and satisfy. Natural terry covered Bath Pillow, Hemp Body Scrub Glove, fair trade Luffa Facial Discs from the Amazon, Ancient Secrets Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts - 4 oz. Patchouli and Evergreen Forest, Tact Lavende Bath Salts - two 2.12 oz., Gel Eye Mask, 4 oz. Brahmi Ayurvedic Massage Oil, Bach's 50 gram Rescue Remedy Cream and 20 ml Rescue Remedy Spray, 4 oz. Aromatherapy Mist, Citricidal 16 oz. Skin Cleanser with grapefruit seed extract, aloe, coconut oil and herbal extracts, Moon Scents Aromatherapy Potion with bewitching blends of natural oils, Organic fair trade Teas - Earl Grey with Lavender and Zhena's Gypsy Red Lavender, Rooibos with French Lavender Blossoms, two Stirs the Soul 1 oz. Dark Chocolate bars, 1 oz. organic fair trade Sencha Green Tea Mints and Pure Relaxation CD to transport you across summer meadows to a shady haven where time moves slowly and you can enjoy the cool, fresh water of your own secret waterfall.



Fair Trade Handcrafted Jewelry for Mom

Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall;
A mother's secret hope outlives them all.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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