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Garuda International
Green shopping oasis of fair trade gifts, vegan foods and organic products.


Fair Trade Organic Tea and Coffee Gift Baskets
Earth Friendly Organic Fair Trade Gift Baskets
Organic and Fair Trade Tea and Coffee Gifts & Gift Baskets,
Vegan Tea and Snack Gift Baskets, Herb Teas & Herbal Coffee Gift Baskets
Organic gift baskets filled with organic fair trade tea, organic fair trade coffee and tantalizing vegan treats make a most welcome gift. Whether it's a celebration, a get well wish, to say thank you or just a pleasant surprise to brighten someone's day, organic tea or coffee gift baskets are a wonderful way to share a little joy. We offer a wide variety of organic and vegan gifts in handmade fair trade baskets for all tastes and budgets. Don't see what you're looking for? We are always happy to prepare a custom gift basket for your special needs. Let us know what you'd like.

Vegan Tea & Cookies Gift Basket
6SmVeganTeaBasket.jpg (86035 bytes) Vegan tea lovers will appreciate the tasteful selections packed in this 9x5" Kaisa grass fair trade basket. Loose leaf teas for brewing as you desire: 2 oz. each of Organic Honeybush Tea, Roasted Yerba Mate, Lemon Nirvana Tea, Organic Fair Trade Chai, and Betty Lou's Organic Vegan Just Great Stuff Bar and six 1 oz. Sun Flour Baking Vegan cookies to enjoy with your teas along with five Organic Agave Syrup straws, an all natural, low glycemic sweetener.


Fair Trade Organic Tea for Two
Tea for Two Set.jpg (112312 bytes) Tea is always better shared and you'll have a superb collection of organic Tulsi herb teas and organic black and green teas to choose from with this very special gift. Enjoy your fair trade organic teas in two cheery fair trade handmade cups from Craft Link artisans in Viet Nam. Assisting small craft producers with marketing and preserving ethnic crafts and cultures, Craft Link also works with street children and persons with disabilities, to provide fair wages, safe working conditions and environmental stewardship. Packed inside two keepsake fair trade handmade boxes from Bangladesh are twelve organic Tulsi teas: Red Mango, Sweet Rose, Raspberry Peach and Red Chai, and twelve mixed organic black and green teas from Choice Organic Teas, including Earl Grey with Lavender, Mango Ceylon, Green Tea with Peach, Celtic Breakfast and Jasmine Green. Tied with paper ribbon in a recycled paper kraft box made sweeter with two five packs of organic Agave Syrup. Red and white tea cups, designs vary.


Fair Trade Organic Coffee & Chocolate Gift Basket
Fair Trade Organic Coffee Chocolate.jpg (140279 bytes) This fair trade handmade basket is filled with a special Northwest blend of masterfully roasted Organic Fair Trade Coffee, (½ lb. your choice of whole beans, drip or French press grind), a fair trade hand painted ceramic coffee mug to enjoy your special brew and fair trade organic vegan chocolates: two each dark chocolate Raspberry, Peanut Butter Sjaak's Bites and Hearts of Cherry Truffles, 6 oz. Holy Kakow Chocolate Rapture Organic Chocolate Syrup and Sjaak's 1.5 oz. organic Dark Chocolate Vegan Caramel and Raspberry bars. A deliciously splendid gift for the coffee and chocolate aficionado.



If you are sending chocolate to a destination with temperatures above 75º,
we recommend adding a cold pack and choosing Express shipping
to an address where the package can be received.

Fair Trade Organic Tea & Chocolate Gift Basket

Fair Trade Tea Chocolate Gift Basket.jpg (75084 bytes)

A treat for the eyes as well as the tongue! Woven by women of rural Uganda, this fair trade basket has coils of raffia in unique designs. Inside you'll find organic fair trade teas: Red Mango, a luscious blend of Tulsi, rooibos and tropical mango, Raspberry Peach pairs Tulsi, berries, peach and hibiscus flowers in an aromatic fusion that will transport you to a tropical paradise of flavor. Abundant in antioxidants, the unique healing properties of Tulsi will melt your stress away, and Choice Organic or Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Sampler, with four wonderful varieties. To enjoy with your tea is some of the best fair trade organic vegan chocolate available: four piece Cocomel Fleur de Sel dark chocolate covered vegan caramels with four different salt toppings. 3 oz. Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Bar, 1.2 oz. Celebrate Bar with coconut and almonds covered in vegan non-dairy 'milk chocolate', five Chocolate Cherry Truffle Hearts and a 1 oz. tin of Sencha fair trade Green Tea Mints.  Basket is approximately 11x3", colors and designs vary.



Add Cold Pack (for hot weather shipping only)
For temperatures above 75° we recommend Express shipping to an address where someone will be available to receive the package and adding a cold pack to your order to help prevent damage from heat.  We'll do everything we can to ensure your order arrives in good condition but please be advised we cannot assume responsibility for heat damage when shipping in high temperatures.


Large Vegan Tea Gift Basket
Large Vegan Tea Gfit Basket.jpg (72099 bytes) Large Bamboo Bowl or Kaisa Grass Fair Trade Basket filled with an assortment of teas and treats. Four oz. each Roasted Yerba Maté, Organic Fair Trade Rooibos, and 2 oz. Organic Chai loose leaf teas, Zhena's Organic Fair Trade Tea Assortment, two stainless steel tea strainers, two unique hand made ceramic mugs from a fair trade co-op in Viet Nam, six 1 oz. Sun Flour Baking Vegan Cookies, Betty Lou's Organic Vegan Cranberry Crave and Happy Hippy Apple Harmony Bars, two Betty Lou's Krispy Bites crisped rice bars and to sweeten your teas, a box of five organic Agave syrup straws.


Occasionally we may substitute up to 20% of the items in baskets,
but always with similar items of the same or greater value.

Large Organic Coffee & Vegan Chocolate Basket 
Custom Basket.jpg (47429 bytes) Large Bamboo Bowl or Kaisa Grass Fair Trade Basket filled with a special Northwest blend of 1 lb. organic coffee (choice of whole beans, drip or French press grind), MiniMinit filters, organic vegan chocolate bar assortment - 3 oz. Rapunzel Dark Chocolate Espresso, 2 oz. Dagoba Roseberry and Dark Conacado, nine piece Sjaak's Fair Trade Organic Vegan Nuts & Chews, Betty Lou's Organic Chocolate Golden Smacker, 6 oz. Holy Kakow Chocolate Rapture Organic Chocolate Syrup and two unique hand made ceramic mugs from a fair trade co-op in Indonesia.



Request A Custom Gift or Basket

Organic Herbal Tea & Coffee Basket
5bskogherbalteacoffee.jpg (32514 bytes) Use the lovely fair trade tray from Viet Nam to serve this delightful selection of organic fair trade herbal teas and Teeccino herbal coffee in style. This sturdy round woven rattan tray measures 14 x 3" and is perfect for presenting these delicious herbal beverages in the fair trade ceramic dragonfly tea cups. Also included are Choice Organic Northwest Blackberry Tea, Teeccino Maya Mocha organic herbal coffee, Zhena's Red Lavender (Rooibos and French Lavender Blossoms) and Fireside Chai (Rooibos and exquisite spices) Gypsy Teas, St. Claire's Organic Mints and two Betty Lou's organic vegan Cranberry bars. Caffeine free.



Sapere aude.
Dare to know.

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