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Garuda International
Green shopping oasis of fair trade gifts, vegan foods and organic products.


Calendars, Art Cards and Unique Card Decks
Biodynamic Planting Calendar, Sacred Deity Art Cards, Vedic Astrology Deck, Oracle of Rama, Biodynamic Growing Guide, Palmistry Cards, Gods & Goddesses Art Card Deck and the occasional Solstice Basket

Solstice Basket
Solstice Basket 2.jpg (46949 bytes) Add a little solstice magic to your life! Lovingly packed in a charming handmade fair trade Kaisa grass basket you’ll find Palo Santo, an aromatic wood harvested only from standing dead trees. It is used ceremonially to freshen the air with its delightful aroma and it’s healing powers are said to remove negative energy. There’s 15 gram Nag Champa incense, HerbalVedic Amber resin inside a fair trade wooden box with brass inlay and an embroidered cotton organic Lavender Sachet to lighten the air and your spirits. Enjoy the calming aromatherapeutic effect of the refreshing 2 oz. Lavender Spritzer. A dazzling clear calcite pyramid, filled with rainbows is referred to as an energy amplifier and used at the crown chakra to clear and activate, with the result of clearing the other chakras as well. Enjoy the 2.7 oz. Cinnamon Taza Chocolate disc and .75 oz. Sencha Mints while you’re contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos.


Biodynamic Growing and Planting Calendar 2014
Biodynamic comb.jpg (31619 bytes) The fifty first edition of the original biodynamic sowing and planting guide shows the optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting various plant crops and includes a convenient wall chart showing six months on each side. Maria and Matthias Thun's unique insights, which go beyond the standard information presented in other lunar calendars, add helpful information and additional direction for growing activities. Color guides and clear symbols are handy for finding essentials quickly. Whether you are new to biodynamic growing, or a seasoned hand, you'll find a wealth of information in this calendar from basic background to in-depth information, enhanced with color photos.


Biodynamic Growing Guide
Brian Keats & Stefan Mager
BiodynamicGrowingGuide.jpg (162118 bytes) This handy glossy coated cardstock growing guide provide information on using biodynamic preparations, increasing soil and atmosphere vitality, and is a perpetual tool for sun and moon rhythms to develop conscious awareness of universal processes. The outside of the publication explains the biodynamic concept and its agricultural and scientific applications. The inside, with its three rotating perpetual wheels, explains connections to Sun rhythms, the eight biodynamic preparations and Moon phases. Whether you are looking to enhance your knowledge of biodynamic growing methods, or are just curious about planetary influences on gardening, this guide can help to open mind and eyes to a new point of view.
8x11" trifold


The Oracle of Rama
5oracledeck.jpg (35487 bytes) Discover your destiny with the Oracle of Rama, the great oracle of India. Like the I Ching, this deck consists of 343 verses offering readers answers to their questions. The system is based on the classic Indian oracle by renowned sage Tulsidas and is inspired by the symbolism of the divine incarnation of Lord Rama. This divination tool is simple and easy to use for matters of the heart and spirit, as well as for practical matters of life, from health to relationship and career issues.  


6MSacredDietyCards.jpg (46959 bytes) Sacred Deity Art Cards
Eight exquisite cards and envelopes, blank inside, with the art of B.G. Sharma depicting Ganesh, Buddha, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Shiva & Parvati, Baby Krishna, Krishna with Cows and Radha Krishna. Useful for any occasion when you'd like to transcend the mundane and share a little timeless energy. Suitable for framing if you'd like your own gallery of divinity, or a lovely gift to encourage the old fashioned art of writing. 



Vedic Astrology Deck

5dkvedicastrology.jpg (24378 bytes)

Find your hidden potential using India's ancient science of the stars. This 44 card deck, guidebook and chart casting CD (PC only) is a great way to learn the universal wisdom encoded in the study of the stars. Topics covered include karma, reincarnation, elements of nature, body types, modes of nature, personalities of the planets, identifying strong planets, the nine planets in the twelve houses, appropriate meditations, practical applications, reading a person and casting a chart. Begin your journey to understanding this 5,000 year old science. 


Palmistry Cards
5palmistrycards.jpg (30435 bytes) These new cards by Vernon Mahabal help to demystify the science of palmistry. Compare your hand with each card and gain insight and awareness into your personal path to power, success, romance and fulfillment. These easy to read cards explain: life purpose, romantic possibilities and true career calling, along with talents, abilities and potentials. Palmistry cards offer the most informative and entertaining way to read hands. Amaze your friends - amaze yourself!


* Customer Favorite *

Gods & Goddesses Card Deck
5godscards3 copy.jpg (35035 bytes) An exotic collection of artwork depicts the celestial beings of the universe in this extraordinary new card deck. Learn which roles particular gods and goddesses play in the universe with Mantra, Translation and Blessing. For greater intelligence, petition Saraswati. For the removal of obstacles, invoke the presence of Ganesh by chanting his mantra. Pronunciation guide included.
These delicately detailed cards make a great gift, a fun learning adventure for the whole family or that special someone who has everything. 

52 Card Deck



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Jane Addams


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